Premium Battleboards

 There’s nothing wrong with FAT mats and MDF terrain – They’re convenient, cheap, and they get the job done. But our mission has always been to provide an exceptional environment, and our battleboards were no exception. In pursuit of this mission, we have designed, build, and finished a series of premium battle boards that are modular, dynamic, and diverse. We’ve built and 3D printed custom terrain to furnish them. It was a slow but passionate project, spanning several months – But we now have 8 complete tables to choose from!

Spacious Gaming Tables

Sick of trying to cram your big games onto your kitchen table? Us too! That’s why when we were planning the furnishings for our gaming space we designed and built our own custom tables – To make sure they had all the features we wanted! Features include:

  • Huge 8 foot by 4 foot playing surface, big enough to play a game of 40k with a foot on either side to spare, or for a 8 person D&D party!
  • Raised lip to help contain dice, books, and tokens
  • Reinforced structure with minimal number of legs – Enjoy more leg space and less shin bashing 😉
  • Durable sealed finish that makes cleaning and disinfecting a breeze
  • Anti-fatigue mats surrounding our wargaming tables – Because we know what it’s like to spend 12 hours on your feet at a tournament!

If you’ve ever tried playing something at home and thought, “Jeeze, I wish I had more space for this game”, then look no further – Game Knight has you covered!

Lending Library

We’ve got a collection of D&D books, 40k books, AoS books, and board games available for customer use. Forgot your books at home? No problem! Wanna try that new game on the shelf before you commit to bringing it home to your group? We can help! 

We add new titles to our collection regularly – Including new, popular, and tough to get board games, and the latest releases for D&D, 40k, and AoS.


Food Options

It’s not uncommon for a board game, D&D session, or 40k game to last a few hours – We’ve got a selection of affordable snack and meal options that will hit the spot and let you stay focused on the game at hand!


Monday : 6 pm - 11 pm 
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