Age of Sigmar

When: Monday nights, Wednesday nights, Saturday and Sunday

Cost: Normal Stay-and-Play fee (8$ for non members, members play free!)

Details: We’re thrilled to announce our Age of Sigmar league will begin February 3rd. The league has been designed to allow players to drop in and out if needed for maximum flexibility, so if you’re interested, jump in, come by and see what we’ve got going on – There’s no commitment!
When you join the league, you’ll specify a category (Competitive or Recreational) and one or more time slots as ‘available’ for scheduling – If you’re only available for one of them, that’s just fine – But the more slots you’re available for, the bigger the pool of players we can schedule you against – So more is better!
Once you’ve joined, you’ll be seeded and scheduled in one game each week, on one of our designated league event days. That means that as players join, more games will be scheduled, and if a player needs to miss a week we can handle that too – just make sure to let us know by Sunday of each week as that’ll be the day that schedules are processed.
We take care of scheduling, table set up, and provide Mission pack and scenario prints – All you need to do is show up and play!

Schedule: The scheduling blocks available are as follows. When you join the league, just indicate which of these blocks you’re available to be scheduled for.
Monday 6:30-9:30
Wednesday 6:30-9:30
Saturday 1:00-4:00
Saturday 4:30-7:30
Saturday 8:00-11:00
Sunday 1:00-4:00
Sunday 4:30-7:30
Sunday 8:00-11:00

Once the league starts, it’ll be running perpetually – however for prize support we’ll be breaking it into quarterly periods for determining the winners and resetting everyone’s scores. That means this league will be a bit shorter since we’re already a month in – It’ll conclude on April 5, and our Season 2 league will pick right up immediately on April 6. Anyone playing in our Season 1 league will automatically be scheduled into our Season 2 league the following week – We’ll send out an announcement the finally week to remind everyone the league is ending. Remember that you can join and withdrawal at any time – there’s no commitments or minimums.

Format: We will be using the General’s handbook 2019 Matched Play rules for both the competitive and recreational leagues. Scenario sheets will be provided.

Lists: You are free to change your list each week, but each week you must play a valid Pitched Battle 2000 point list, using the most recent rules and FAQs. The intent here is flexibility – If you’re practicing for a tournament, then you’re able to bring your tournament list every week and play against a variety of similarly skilled players. If you are psyched for the latest battle tome that was just released and you wanna try out your shiny new models, you can do that too. You are not locked in to playing the same list for the entire league.

Models and Painting: We do not have a minimum painting requirement, but we do have a modelling requirement. All conversions and non Games Workshop models must be approved by your opponent or a Game Knight Event Organizer. When in doubt, send photos to for any models in question.

Prizes: This is a fully prize supported league! The competitive league has prizes for the top 3 finishes, and the recreational league has draw prizes. Prizes will be a combination of store credit, swag (T-shirts/sweaters), and hardware (trophy/plaque)

How to Join: Sign up here: here
Fill out the questionnaire. That’s it!
You’ll pay any fees the day you play. If you need to withdrawal from the league for any reason, simply email and we’ll remove you from the seeding list. Note that you’ll be asked to provide your email address when joining the event, this will only be used to communicate the scheduling announcements.

Small Print: This league has a maximum capacity. The capacity is variable due to the multiple scheduling options we’re offering, so we reserve the right to deny league entry due to hitting capacity (we’ll avoid this whenever possible, but it may be unavoidable). In this case, we’ll be accepting new players on a first come, first serve basis. Offering availability on more schedule blocks will dramatically increase your chance of acceptance/availability!


Monday - 6pm-11pm 
Tuesday - 6pm-11pm
Wednesday - 6pm-11pm 
Thursday - CLOSED
Friday - 6pm-2am
Saturday - 1pm-2am
Sunday - 1pm-11pm

38 Adelaide St N
Unit 2A
London, Ontario
N6B 3N5