When Death Guard were re-released in 2017 I was allllll aboard the hype train. I’ve been a Deathguard fan for years, and even truescaled some plague marines for an army several years ago. I preordered Mortarion, and started working on him immediately after my order arrived. As awesome as the model is, I actually didn’t like his stock pose – I didn’t like that he was ‘held up’ by his robes dragging on the ground, and I didn’t like the weird curves in Silence, his scythe. So, I started cutting and sculpting my take on what his pose should have been. I also didn’t like the stock base – It’s a brilliant base, but I removed all of his nurgle ‘aids’. So I scuplted my own swamp themed base. It was a huge project, one that took MUCH more time than I expected – I got all of the modeling work done and painted the base model before being consumed by other tasks and forced to let this model wait, uncompleted, for an opportunity to finish him. 

Two and a half years later, during my COVID-19 “Hobby Vacation”, I’ve finally found the time to finish him!


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