Tyranids WIP

I’ve always had my eyes on Tyranids – They’ve got such a cool model line and such a different playstyle than the factions I’m used to playing (Eldar, Tau and Deathguard!). This year for Christmas I grabbed myself a copy of the Tyranids Christmas box and officially started my nids collection. Then I added 3 used Hive Tyrants, a Tervigon, 9 Warriors, 6 Hive Guard, and 6 Zoanthropes to fill the list and give me a nice mix of units to work with. They’ve been in storage since Christmas, with no real ETA on getting them assembled… Till ‘rona hobby vacation! I knew they’d be a big job so I busted ass and got them all assembled and based. Unfortunately I’ve realized I still need 3 Biovores, 3 Raveners, and 3 more boxes of Termigants to finish the army, but this is a good start!


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