Warhammer Underworlds

When: Monday nights, open – close (6-11).

Cost: Normal Stay-and-Play fee (8$ for non members, members play free!)

Details: Monday night is our night for all things Underworlds! Whether you’ve been playing since release or never played before, we’ve got something for you:

  • Learn to play (we provide everything needed to learn)
  • Get deck and hobby advice from veterans
  • Try out new warbands and decks to improve your game
  • Compete in our Ranked League for prizes!


Player Name Games Played Win Loss Glory Differential Avg Glory per Game Win Rate
Sean B 2 2 0 9 12 100%
Joshua J Millar 2 2 0 9 9.5 100%
Ethan Mitchell 1 1 0 0 16 100%
Tristan Mitchell 2 1 1 0 8 50%
Kevin P 2 1 1 7 10.5 50%
Joshua M Millar 2 0 2 -5 12 0%
Keehan Buck 2 0 2 -12 4.5 0%
Jacob Siler 1 0 1 -7 4 0%
Alex Wright 0 0 0 0 0 0%
Brian McLachlin 0 0 0 0 0 0%
Player Name Win Loss Draw Glory Differential Win Rate
Joshua M Millar (Wild Hunt) 6 1 0 27 85.7%
Mark Cooper (Thorns) 5 2 0 25 71.4%
Jared Bond (Wild Hunt) 5 2 0 12 71.4%
Joshua J Millar (Gitz) 5 3 0 16 62.5%
Joe Vitale (Thundrick’s) 4 2 1 15 57.1%
Zack Boshart (Rippa’s) 4 3 0 34 57.1%
Kevin M (Wild Hunt) 3 3 0 -13 50%
Corni Klassen (Gitz) 3 4 0 -3 42.9%
Keehan Buck (Thundrick’s) 2 4 0 -12 33.3%
Matt (Thundrick’s) 2 5 1 -13 25%
Nate Medeiros (Wild Hunt) 1 5 0 -37 16.7%
Kevin P (Eyes of the Nine) 0 6 0 -39 0%

Ranked League Info

How to Join: To participate in our ranked league, simply arrive and check in with our admins in time for one or more of the ranked round seedings. The ranked rounds occur at 6:30, 7:15, 8:00, and 8:45. You are not required to play in all rounds, so just show up when you can, play as long as you want, and skip a round if you want to take a break, or even opt out of ranked seeding entirely and just play casual games all night – Our league is intended to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. All seeding will be done using Swiss pairings to help match opponents of similar skill. Rankings will be determined by win ratio percentage (you won’t play the same player twice in 1 night).

League Finale: On the final league night of the league (March 30th), all eligible players will be placed into groups of 4 (A pool, B Pool, C Pool etc) based on standings. Each pool will play a mini best of 3 knockout tournament to determine the winner of each pool

Prizes: This league is fully prize supported – Exactly like an Underworlds Tournament, except instead of playing all of your matches over one or two long weekend days, you play a couple games each week over several weeks! That means there’s a glass trophy, exclusive cards and tokens, and even a painting award! In order to be eligible for prizes, each participant must play in a minimum of 5 weeks of the 12, and you must attend the final week for the League Finale and prize distribution.

Ranked League Rules: 

  • When playing ranked games, you must play the same warband and deck each night, however you CAN use a different warband and deck each week if you wish. This is to encourage innovation, curiosity, and adaptation to the meta!
  • Standings will be posted weekly on the Game Knight website
  • Players are only required to play in 5 of the 12 ranked league nights. This means players can jump into the league at any time. We’re using win percentage to determine standings so new players won’t be weeks behind.
  • We will be following the Core rules for a Championship format event. This means that Season 1 Universal cards are not allowed and that we will be following the current FAQ and Forsaken and Redistricted List. We’ll use any new FAQs immediately.

The purpose for this league is to provide an ongoing competitive environment that also is easy to join into for new players. The overall commitment is low as most nights your two games will be done in about an hour, plus you can join at any point in the league.
The best of 1 style was decided for a few reasons:

  • The Underworlds community is aiming to have at least one best of 3 tournament each month in London. So we wanted to change things up for the league.
  • Best of 1 games allow you to design decks that would normally not work in a best of 3 environment. You can experiment with cards that are unpredictable to try for a shock and awe win vs your opponent.
  • It keeps the playing time down so the weekly commitment is lower.

Underworlds is a fantastic game – Players of all skill levels and experience are welcomed and encouraged to come out to get as many games in as possible. We expect a high level of sportsmanship and strive for a positive gaming experience for all players.


Monday - 6pm-11pm
Tuesday - 6pm-11pm
Wednesday - 6pm-11pm
Thursday - CLOSED
Friday - 6pm-2am
Saturday - 1pm-2am
Sunday - 1pm-11pm

38 Adelaide St N
Unit 2A
London, Ontario
N6B 3N5